Dr. Gregory Woodard - Enneagram Leadership Coach

Dr. Gregory Woodard

Enneagram Leadership Coach

I am a certified Enneagram, Leadership & Life Coach, and a 20-year military veteran (Navy Chaplain, Ret). I hold a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership Coaching from Regent University, and most importantly, I am a devoted Christian, husband, and father.

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"Greg provided an empathetic, guided approach during each and every meeting by listening and asking thought-provoking questions. When I asked Greg for his thoughts so as to have a conversation, Greg was vulnerable and shared his own experiences making me feel that I was not speaking to someone who wanted to be perceived as perfect. I found this to be a critical part of my learning; reminding myself that we are all on this Earth trying to find meaning and conviction in who we are no matter our age and experience. After completing multiple sessions with Greg, I can put into words my core fears, desires, weaknesses and longings. This has and will continue to allow me to grow both spiritually and emotionally."


Greg did a very good job of listening and following what was being said. I felt that he appreciated me as an individual and made me feel valuable according to the type I am. I also liked that he listened to what did and what didn’t resonate with me without jumping to some belief that I am in avoidance.


I have the tools now to be awake to my weaknesses and address them from a God-centered place. Greg’s coaching has given me tools and insight into my identity in Christ and helped me embrace my gifts and have more compassion for my weaknesses so I can be someone who can offer wisdom and knowledge through my experiences to others.


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